GUADEC commences with four workshops

Today, GUADEC 2016 commences with a workshop day. We are offering four different workshops. We are very excited to be able to offer a full day of trainings. We still have a few seats available, so head over to the registration if you are interested.

In the “package you app with Flatpak” workshop the attendees will learn about the Flatpak containerisation system. The GStreamer workshop will be about building a simple media player in Python using the GStreamer framework. Attendees of the “Contributing to Free Software” workshop will learn about basic git usage, code review and continuous integration. The last workshop, “Make your first contribution to GNOME” will cover retrieving and building the code, looking at bugs, updating the code and finally submitting the change.

We have assembled some travel information for your convenience and some more general information which you might find helpful. If all fails or you need assistance, dial the GUADEC helpline: +4915153778790.

After the workshops have finished, we are inviting the conference attendees to a pre-registration BBQ at AKK starting at around 20:00. The AKK is an almost 30 years old organisation dedicated to spreading culture and facilitating communication. The AKK is supporting GUADEC with a lot of infrastructure and tooling.

During that BBQ we try to hand out as many badges as we can to make the registration on the following day less stressful for everybody involved. So please try to come to the BBQ and bear with us while we shake out remaining bugs. As compensation, we’re offering a few steaks. Drinks are to be bought cheaply from AKK.

Another reason why we want you to be around is that we will be needing volunteers for building up the main venue.

If you can’t attend or fancy eating out, check out the following places:

  • Lehner’s: A typical German restaurant with a menu mostly around south German dishes at Ludwigsplatz
  • Alibaba: A Syrian-Libanese restaurant south of the central market place