Karlsruhe is a city in the south-west of Germany close to the French border and famous for its technical university as well as housing two of the highest courts in Germany. Karlsruhe city centre has a special design with many streets originating from the Karlsruhe castle. Therefore Karlsruhe is also called Fächerstadt.

General info

Brunnengasse is a small street close to the venue and houses some parts of the red light district in Karlsruhe. We suggest that you stay out of it and don’t take this way to go from the venue to the social event at Z10.

What to see?

If you are interested in exploring Karlsruhe there are a few places you should visit.

  • Karlsruhe palace: It now houses a museum and is surrounded by a big park.
  • Karlsruhe zoo: Between the train station and the city centre it is especially nice with kids.
  • ZKM: A famous museum for multimedia in the south western part of the city.
  • Turmberg: The northern most mountain of the black forest allows a nice view over the Rhine valley and Karlsruhe.
  • Schlosslichtspiele: A light show projected onto the Karlsruhe palace in the evenings, a must see if you can spare an hour in the evening.

Bars and restaurants

Here is a short list of suggested bars and restaurants mainly around the venue and the city centre. They should all have vegetarian options. Most should also serve vegan food, although only on request.

  • Kippe:  Quite close to the venue this bar/restaurant is mainly frequented by students and provides cheap but decent meals and drinks
  • Aposto: An Italian restaurant at the western end of the pedestrian area at the Ludwigsplatz (also houses a few other restaurants)
  • Oxford Pub and Oxford Cafe: Close to the venue these two serve similar food and are most famous for their huge but cheap burgers and the beer
  • Gold: A few minutes east of the venue this is a nice bar that also serves some food
  • Cafe Emaille: Similar menu to Kippe; this bar is at the western end of the pedestrian zone
  • Marktlücke: A simple bar and restaurant at the central market place, houses a disco after 10 p.m. during the weekend
  • Besitos: On the south eastern end of the market place with a Spanish theme
  • Lehner’s: A typical German restaurant with a menu mostly around south German dishes at Ludwigsplatz
  • Purino: An Italian restaurant south east of the venue with a quite atmosphere directly in a park
  • Alibaba: A Syrian-Libanese restaurant south of the central market place
  • Casa do Jose: Portuguese restaurant south east of the central market place, not far from Achat Plaza
  • My Heart beats Vegan: Vegan restaurant next to Casa do Jose
  • Continent: Indian restaurant in the pedestrian zone close to the university’s western edge
  • Vogelbraeu: Restaurant with its own beer between the main venue and the Achat Plaza


There is a free(only registration required) WLAN throughout the city centre called KA-WLAN. If you are close to one of the access points this is an easy way to get access to the internet. You can see the location of the access points here.

To connect to the WLAN just select the KA-WLAN network and after connecting register with your mobile number or email address.

General information for Germany

Credit cards

In Germany paying with credit cards is quite uncommon and many shops only accept special kind of debit cards. You should be able to pay with your credit card in the hotel but always have enough cash to pay in a supermarket or in a bar/restaurant. Especially the public transport only accepts cash and debit cards (EC-cards).