GUADEC 2016 will feature a number of workshops which will happen on the day before the core conference (August 11th). The workshops are planned to run for the whole day starting around 9:00 AM. The workshops are free for students and GNOME foundation members. For the Flatpak and GStreamer workshops we ask everyone else for a contribution of 200€.

Registration for the workshops is possible using the conference registration system.

Packaging your application using Flatpak

In this workshop you will get a highlevel overview of how Flatpak works, and how applications are packaged and delivered. Then you will try to package an application of your choice using Flatpak.

Tutors: Alexander Larson (Red Hat), David King (Red Hat)
Prior knowledge: Experience building applications on Linux
Sponsor: Red Hat
Attendee limit: 16


In this workshop, you will get some hands on experience building a simple media player in Python using GStreamer. You will be introduced to the key concepts of multimedia systems and GStreamer.

Tutors: Olivier Crête (Collabora)
Prior knowledge: Building OO applications with GObject
Sponsor: Collabora
Attendee limit: 16

Contribute to an OpenSource project

This workshop covers a practical introduction on how to contribute to an open source project. You will learn about basic git usage (commit, push, rebase), code review and continuous integration. During the workshop you will do a real contribution to an open source project (coala, and interact with the community. Your knowledge will help you enter our and other open source communities easily.

Tutors: Lasse Schuirmann
Prior knowledge: None
Sponsor: Viper Development
Attendee limit: 15

Make your first contribution to GNOME

Ever wanted to contribute to GNOME, but got stuck at some step? Here is the chance to contribute to GNOME. In this workshop you will make your first contribution to GNOME. It will be a hands-on session and include retrieving and building the code, looking at bugs, updating the code and submitting finally the change.

Tutors: Amisha Singla, Kunal Jain
Prior knowledge: None
Sponsor: GNOME
Attendee limit: 16