GStreamer workshop

Tutors: Olivier Crête (Collabora)
Prior Knowledge: Building OO applications with GObject (tbd: or with Python)
Sponsoring Company: Collabora
Attendee Limit: 16

GStreamer is a multimedia framework. Forming an integral part of the GNOME platform for over a decade, GStreamer makes it easier to write simple and complex multimedia applications supporting a large variety of formats. Applications can go from simple media players, streaming servers to complex video editing applications or video calling systems.

In this workshop, you will get some hands on experience building a simple media player in Python using GStreamer. You will be introduced to the key concepts of multimedia systems and GStreamer.

Pre-Requisites for attendees

Participants need to run a recent Linux distribution, we recommend Fedora 24, Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian Jessie.