GUADEC 2016 has been incident free

We are proud to announce that there was no report of improper behaviour throughout GUADEC 2016. Prior to the conference we had worked hard to ensure that we would have all the necessary safeguards in place to be able to respond properly in case any incident would occur. We feel lucky that we did not need any of these safeguards as we did not observe or receive reports of misbehaviour throughout the conference.

In our view this is an indication of how friendly and open the GNOME community is overall. It was great to see this welcoming community gathering at GUADEC once again and we hope to see everyone again at future events!

Should you have experienced or observed misbehaviour but have not yet reported it then please get into contact with a support team member or the organizers. It is still important to know about it as it helps understand whether adjustments need to be made in the future.