GUADEC Day 4 – Sunday

Yesterday, the weather had been pretty good. We could even make use of our pool! The ice cream van was certainly a highlight.



Today, we have our second keynote held by Werner Koch. He will talk about issues of centralisation. The interesting hypothesis is that most systems on the Internet wouldn’t work “without access to, say,”. You might know Werner from GnuPG which tries to decentralise as many things as possible. We are sure to find as much inspiration from what he has to say as we had from Bradley two days ago.

If will be difficult to pick talks to attend today. Highlights include “a live coding session with GNOME Builder” which will demonstrate how to create a project from scratch, Also, we will see a “summary of the infrastructure that GNOME provides to store secrets like passwords, SSH and GPG keys, and X.509 certificates” which will discuss how cross-platform compatibility can be improved. Another talk in the schedule is on the Chinese government recommending the use of GNU/Linux as well as how user testing works to implement and refine a feature in actual software.


We conclude our core days with an evening event at Hoepfner’s Burghof. It’s a beer garden of the local brewery with nice beer and dinner. We expect to start at 20:00. Please bring your badge.

If you want to do some tourism or dining before leaving GUADEC, you might find these places interesting:

  • municipal museum: housed in the Prince-Max-Palace, which used to be a magnificent retirement home of a big businessman, currently hosts an exhibition about the Südstadt, the southern district of Karlsruhe. Until 18:00. Admission free.
  • Vierordt Bad: If you are craving for some relaxation with sauna and spa treatments after so many conference days, check out this bath house which first opened in 1873. Until 20:00. Admission 10.50 EUR.
  • Gold: A few minutes east of the venue this is a nice bar that also serves some food.
  • Casa do Jose: Portuguese restaurant south east of the central market place, not far from Achat Plaza